Corporate Communication Systems
Multi-Media Corporate Communications Consulting and Integration.

The following programs are offered to both small businesses and large corporations.  Each implementation is tailored to meet your company's strategic communication objectives. 

imageOngoing multimedia marketing is an excellent way to promote products, services, and company branding. Through streaming platforms, CD's, and more we can create audio visual solutions that accomplish your key marketing objectives. The Impact3Marketing programs include a streaming platform license and bandwidth for distribution.

imageCompanies with an active Public Relations strategy or that have a desire to maintain contact with their customer base, are a good fit for the Impact3PR program. This program offers a promotional strategy for products, services, or corporate communications solutions. The Impact3PR offering aligns well with the private sector. The program includes a streaming license and an online audio visual distribution platform.

imageThe Impact3IR programs offers publicly traded companies an effective tool to communicates vital information to their investors and or shareholders. These programs help increase value by facilitating frequent and effective communication. The Impact3IR programs are implemented via the web and include a streaming platform license agreement. They largely target multi-media releases as well as company performance communications.

image The Impact3Training product is an effective tool for any type of on demand web based corporate training. This solution offers interactive streaming video players that not only present content but also contains the back-end intelligence to track user interaction. Our Impact3 training tools feature a bookmark option that captures/store user sessions and offer the ability to conveniently resume stored sessions at a later time.

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